wallpaper and desktop for pc: Sealed In the Smoothness of You

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sealed In the Smoothness of You

Would I be saved by the passing of my trembling hands
Over the tears that fall from my skies
If my pleasure was sealed in the smoothness of you
If all of my vanishing light began flashing
Like a trail of shooting stars
Could I see the miracle
Known as the truth

If you descended from where I have walked on fire
Where fear does not torment or stain
Would I know you have come to fill all the holes
That now dwell inside of my secret soul
The ones held closed by my fingers
To keep from spilling feelings
Not to be named

In these hours my eyes have stared with intensity
Strong as the air I live and breathe
They have been lined by time with all that I am
One-half of me can recognize myself
And there has been no telling
If my other half..............
Gave a damn

Now everything has faded into pieces of a puzzle
Creating a picture known as truth
I sit still and wonder where each piece fits
Inside the half of me I can recognize
That would walk on fire to feel
My pleasure sealed
In the smoothness of you

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