wallpaper and desktop for pc: Dancing in Summer Winds

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dancing in Summer Winds

Soft scenes consume our collective memories in the sweetest roar
When the moon spills out its heart into what we feel
We find ourselves looking back at the paths we walked upon
At the small things because we wish to breathe in
The simple dust of youth from our heels

We steal away to places where our souls sang in summer winds
Leaving the silence that has been ours to choose
No longer turning our backs on small things we treasure
We breathe in that which softens our hearts
From the weathered soles of our shoes

Looking up with faces that now smile, we can surely recall
Opening those doors full of warmth once again
We still find delight in small things that we treasured
And though it seems that it has been forever
Our feet still dance in summer winds

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