wallpaper and desktop for pc: June 2011

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sealed In the Smoothness of You

Would I be saved by the passing of my trembling hands
Over the tears that fall from my skies
If my pleasure was sealed in the smoothness of you
If all of my vanishing light began flashing
Like a trail of shooting stars
Could I see the miracle
Known as the truth

If you descended from where I have walked on fire
Where fear does not torment or stain
Would I know you have come to fill all the holes
That now dwell inside of my secret soul
The ones held closed by my fingers
To keep from spilling feelings
Not to be named

In these hours my eyes have stared with intensity
Strong as the air I live and breathe
They have been lined by time with all that I am
One-half of me can recognize myself
And there has been no telling
If my other half..............
Gave a damn

Now everything has faded into pieces of a puzzle
Creating a picture known as truth
I sit still and wonder where each piece fits
Inside the half of me I can recognize
That would walk on fire to feel
My pleasure sealed
In the smoothness of you

Fill My Soul Delighted

Better than purposely it seems attracting
All that filled my soul delighted
Before you danced in tracks of beauty
Our hearts were not meant to be divided

In sleep itself we are great trees of splendor
Silver hands that wake to see
Flowers bring what is born unto flame
Rest on laurels of you and me

If this comes from butterflies of time
To softly rest upon our lips
Should we not place your hand in mine
And round this cup both sip

I find that I am empty but I must endure
Pass this test of time
Until my streams are filled once again
Your heart is tied to mine

Dearest desire, light of my darkness
Fill my soul delighted
Come and sip this cup with me...'tis full
When we are not divided

Hold Me Against the Fences of Fate

Come and bend my state of mind
Wind round me if you must
The night is pretty
With unnumbered stars
And I am mellow, with my wounds
Here in your trust

Gently touch my cheek
Hold me against the fences of fate
Winter winds are nothing to me my friend
It is life that harbors
That trumpet, which I must learn
To play once again

Be the sunrise of many years ago
Within this precious time
Raise me up to where grace's garden
Will weigh much more
Than this wild jungle that rages
Inside of my mind

Then surely the whisper of my pen
Will reach the depths
To prove, that I am the woman
Who speaks the language
That can only be interpreted
Here inside of you

Drink my rain that kisses your heaven
Drops only you can see
Draw in each breath from my own
Dance with me now
Until out of my heart, my taste
For freedom, is gone

Knowing the Yearning

How can we express the years when the daisies tickled our toes
Knowing the yearning we felt as children is unknown
From time to time, we are numb to our freedom
Crossing bridges that hush our fever none whatsoever
Until our lives are up and gone

The longer we have been fashioned to hear a cry in a voice
Then even more do our memories serve us right
Now here I am finding that special place
Where we are pulled as missing pieces of a puzzle
To fit in one more passing night

I have said that I sing a gentle lullaby to escape the confusion
Found on the upturned face of the warmest feelings
Taught my soul not to be the cause of trouble
When in the midst of a battlefield time becomes a prison
Where you will find me kneeling

What does a whisper matter when it bravely promenades
Under the piercing light of the brightest sun
Someone said if they knew why we observe so little
They would know why we have chosen now
To express the years undone

The strongest mind I am told cannot hold its breath for very long
Therefore, we must say farewell, retreat from the past
We are left to express the years when daisies tickled our toes
Upon the pages hung on the walls of time's prison
Missing pieces of our puzzle found at last

Misconception Passes Forgotten

Some days you hold a bed of roses as only a state of mind
Promises seem to be forgotten in drifting pieces
Wondering how absence thinks of ways to make fonder
A heart that watches time burning bridges
With faith that never ceases

So often an eager crowd serves a master of lonely places
You can hear them whispering words of praise
They are swirling in a powerful roundabout of illusion
Spent in rooms where the only way out
Cannot be paraphrased

Some have chosen their scars as seed to plant in rows
Then wonder why their fields are full of pain
Aside from sorrow can you imagine what could dwell
As rows of beautiful flowers in the heart
Where love remains

We hear I am sorry in a moment that passes forgotten
On days when a bed of roses does not exist
Should we choose to serve a master of lonely places
Or plant seeds of forgiveness in our fields
From unclenched fists

Stirred Watching What I Cannot Name

Folded waves savor what now humbles my soul
Last night hangs overhead
The birth of time is felt on my bare arms
I shiver in a paradise of crimson red

Still water has no name beyond my thoughts
All of my wishes are buried in rooms
Unheard guests that sleep on my horizon
Once howled at the silvery moon

All night I have watched what I cannot name
In a garden where soil conceals
What is suddenly blooming only half there
Surface loosens, breath revealed

The issue of days has now salted my fire
Marked its initials on my face
As tracks of tears I wept for blooms
No longer in this place

Still, a beautiful song lies within my sight
Sings the desire of my soul
Stirred watching what I cannot name
Inside of waves that fold

Garden soil delivers and my soul is humbled
Though weary and down trodden
Blooms return within the folded waves
I see what I've forgotten

A Wilderness of Freedom

Slide your feelings into mine, under the fire I breathe
Embracing all the highs and lows, you behold
Keep me safe and warm from the winds that blow
Around moments when this heart forgets
You are a gift much too precious
To ever let go

Allow the wilderness of your soul to run with mine
Loving the taste of our own freedom
Upon life's stage, we will explore our inner depths
Together collecting pieces to fill spaces
On the elusive silver screen
Of knowing wisdom

Come return kisses of light from a passionate moon
With the radiance of our hearts' desire
Slide your feelings into mine, my precious gift
Hold me when the winds come knocking
To take the eternal flame I breathe
From my air's fire

Slide your feelings into mine, here together endlessly
Embracing the differences, we behold
With an understanding, that keeps both our hearts
Ever mindful that our love is a precious gift
Running in a wilderness of freedom
Within our souls

Fault Found Without Mention

Lost in reasons I spoke without thinking, sometimes we cannot see
Those waves we want to believe, for darkness all around
Corners of the universe are not known at birth
And the world refuses to give up space
For all your name surrounds

Maybe if we just sighed for one second instead of crying for a new life
What seems to be disabling could remake the bed we made
I thought I was painting a heaven into our world
One that could hold away every hurt
At least make bruises fade

Inside of shells we stand on hills and look up to the heavens above
Wondering if our destiny ripples as each day breaks anew
Yet we love just the same despite the inevitability
That suddenly shouts from every doorway
We afforded to walk through

Lost in reasons I spoke without thinking, sometimes we cannot see
The battles that laugh nervously for a bit of our attention
Corners of the universe are not known at birth
Yet the stars in our eyes can be infinite
In fault found without mention

That Which Never Ends

Breathe within the flow that reaches into that which never ends
Then tell me why this day swiftly passes
Come within an inch of my heart and see what it's made of
Before the shadows bid their first breath
Upon the sunlight's ashes

Could it be your wish to look down at love from the highest hilltop
To see me surrender without looking in my eyes
Come within an inch of my heart and see what it's made of
Walk into the doorway and slowly trace the steps
Your heart cannot deny

Do you know where you are going when you hear me whisper
Whisper your name into the air I breathe
Come within an inch of my heart and know that I love you
Before the shadows bid their first breath
And this day must leave

Tenderly Marked Thoughts

Bewitching ripples of time pass as I write letters to you
To hang as something beautiful on your walls
Tenderly I mark them with wind that bares my soul
Leaving my presence to stir across your sky
As a shield from rains that fall

Enthralling words to hold forever within your breast
I leave for you as bits of my gentle peace
Lying open on your walls, the richness of my joy
Is left to fall as silver leaves of warmth
Cover cold that will not cease

These inventive fingers would surely leave this earth
An epic journey they would move to make
To find the words to chase away those hellions
That exist here in this world of chaos
Your peaceful grace to take

When you pass by these letters I have written for you
They will caress you with the echo of my soul
Sweet peace you yearn for, is always here to see
In these thoughts I have tenderly marked
For your own heart to hold

I Heard the Cry of Lightning

Yes, from grief and pain I wanted to run
And turn into liquid numb
But I heard the cry of lightning
Ride in on a black horse
With much more fight to come

I stand here, appearing to you as frail
In all your sudden thoughts
When each day low, low worries
Do not lie underneath
Any of the dreams I bought

Do you believe that your tongue
Can taste all my fears
And when the time comes
You will see me spinning down
My own stair of tears

Now you go ahead and listen
For a sad, sad sigh
But you should never forget
I have heard the cry of lightning
Her fight is in my eyes

I Can

I am able without a doubt
To take whatever comes my way
Because I believe that I hear a shout
Which says "I Can" every day

When all hope is shattered, it seems
And I am in the stress of strife
I will still lift my chin and chase my dreams
In this battle, I call "My Life"

I will not wait until tomorrow comes
To do what must be done
Because there is no "Can't"
Where I come from
I am as faithful as our sun

I do not believe that the world is to blame
For my grief or cares
And I do not think a single soul
Should feel ashamed
If my load is more than theirs

I bravely walk along a path I call my own
Not a step, do I take in fear
"I Can" is the name of my song
And I will sing it
Through my tears

I Only Shine Within His Shadow

By shade he lives under a pond of glass
Shallow memories sigh in the night
A glistening body of crystallized laughter
A new man, purified by light

On some occasions, he will wear a face
With a smile that twists to the East
'Cause his thoughts are misunderstood
His eyes dance like his feet

Sadly, there is no proof known of his birth
The chapters are frozen in time
Yet, like a tall ship, he blazes a path
In the moonlight of my mind

He is handsome my memory writes out loud
Since I was small, I knew his name
I am only able to shine within his shadow
Yet, I love him all the same

Honey on My Lips

Carry me into the dream you had last night
Where we were as strong as trees
Fill my imagination with little jars of honey
We charmed from the hives
Of bees

Stand up in the sea that holds all wisdom
Commit my face to memory
Sail with me until we are of one mind
Across the lines where you start
I'll be

You will become the man I will never forget
The seed in my heart that grows
We will set fire to the wind and waters
Until eternity separates our lips
In woe

Promise me if we wake from your dream
I will hear your voice in my ear
Your name will leave the taste of honey
On the lips of my imagination
My Dear

Dry Your Tears

When your fingers dare to take the wilderness from this land
A breeze will play in your thoughts
For a hundred years
All the flower's hearts will ache to stand
And watch the leaves
Dry my tears

Apart from the cobwebs spun in my name forevermore
You may perhaps believe I roamed
In and out of sorrow
Yet if I could make you see heretofore
You would know I only cried
The tears I borrowed

When your fingers dare to take the wilderness from this land
I will spin cobwebs in your name
For a hundred years
Your heart will always ache to stand
So you can find the leaves
To dry your tears

When Life Began to Dance

When life began to dance and tell the names of me and you
Heaven was met at the threshold of blessings
A waterfall of souls beat an eternal tune that was given
On the beautiful eve of our love's confession

A seed began growing as a reminder of passion's flame
Thankful incense smiled, quietly burned
Our line of sight passed into a mist filled with love
Few have ever felt, but for, deeply yearn

Into the air shapes of thought became as tender voices
Deeply settling into our hearts forevermore
They whispered into the dance of life with a pleasure
That sweetly opened the reasons we are for

Whirls of wonder welcomed a constant round of forever
The stars knew our hands must be joined
And we were led to sing the verses of a lovely song
A melody, only heaven could have coined

Dancing in Summer Winds

Soft scenes consume our collective memories in the sweetest roar
When the moon spills out its heart into what we feel
We find ourselves looking back at the paths we walked upon
At the small things because we wish to breathe in
The simple dust of youth from our heels

We steal away to places where our souls sang in summer winds
Leaving the silence that has been ours to choose
No longer turning our backs on small things we treasure
We breathe in that which softens our hearts
From the weathered soles of our shoes

Looking up with faces that now smile, we can surely recall
Opening those doors full of warmth once again
We still find delight in small things that we treasured
And though it seems that it has been forever
Our feet still dance in summer winds

She Calls For Another Drink of You

Does anything make you feel guilty?
Such as memories that drift in and out of your mind
or perhaps, the sinful taste of chocolate.
What about when you reach up to touch,
the marble steps where your pride once walked.

She thought you knew her heart was breaking
still she would be waiting for you
with purple ink seeping from her pores.
Did you know then
how such a narrow field of silence
would have her tripping
over her own bittersweet lines?

She watched you read those pages repeatedly
smiling like you received a medal of honor;
then lean forward with nothing to say at all.
Did you ever consider
the rose-colored glasses she wore.

She knows that you have never pretended
to be anything other than what you are
still she finds you taste like the purest water.
If you listen carefully,
you can hear her calling out
for another drink of you.

In the meantime, you leaned forward
to stroke her hair
without ever turning on the light.
While the world wished,
it could too. 

Silent Rain Sighing in My Sleep

You are the silent rain I feel sighing in my sleep
In silence I trust this land of ease
This song you play for me quiet though it be
Is held dear in all its beauty
In perfect peace

I remember winds with kindness like pretty pictures
Yet I recall the hour they pulled me close
They left me with such sorrow that I can tell you
When I am lonely is when I remember
Them the most

You sit beside me and I behold beauty as I sleep
Protected always in your silent rain
This song you play for me quiet though it be
Has returned my trust in love
My peace regained

When my air is silent you are the veil of pleasure
That wraps song around my soul
And though quiet may be the sweetest
Silent sound my land of ease
Has ever known